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We're killing too many cats each year!
4-15 million cats and dogs are destroyed at shelters each year in the United States -- over 120,000 in Los Angeles County alone!!! The costs for housing, killing, and disposing of the bodies of these animals is between $65-$110 per animal, or between $260 million and $1.65 billion annually... between $7.8 and $13.2 million in LA County!! This includes the unwanted, sick, and injured. Not included are the unwanted pets taken to a veterinarian's office to be euthanized.

At least 70% of all cats entering a shelter are healthy animals in LA County. Approximately 1 in 6 PTS are un-weaned and just require bottle feeding to survive. Most adults are rarely adopted. Many animals destroyed are adoptable, 8-16 week old kittens! There are just more cats born each year than there are homes. The basic supply and demand is out of balance.

How can we change this?
Education, funding, and involvement from the public will make a difference. California state law now requires that ALL Shelters & Non Profit Humane groups alter all animals prior to adoptions. Spaying and neutering of animals will reduce the numbers destroyed by reducing the numbers of animals born. It costs less to spay & neuter an animal than it does to have it euthanized at a shelter!

Money to offset spay & neuter costs is available if needed in many areas. Check these pages for who gives what:

L.A. County Financial Aid Groups

L.A. City Spay-Neuter Vouchers
L.A. City's Spay-Neuter Van

  'Low Cost' Veterinarians are helping:
When spaying and neutering is more affordable, more animals are altered. Check these pages for what vets charge in your area. Lists include prices and cities of these vet clinics. Although the prices are for cats, vets who do low cost for cats generally charge low cost for dogs:

L.A. County Low Cost Spay-Neuter Vet List & Low Cost Vaccination Clinics

Outside L.A. County Low Cost Spay-Neuter Vet List & Low Cost Vaccination Clinics

For a low cost veterinarian in other areas, call
- or -
get a reduced rate voucher from
Friends of Animals 800 321-PETS

Humane Groups:
These groups differ from one to another and have different ways to help the animals.

Humane Organizations within L.A. County
& their specialties

Humane Organizations outside L.A. County
& their specialties


About Humane Groups:
Most are all-volunteer organizations. These groups rely on help from volunteers. Can you offer 2-4 days a month to help these groups and shelters? Or, can you drive pets to vets to be altered?

Guidelines for the novice cat rescue person

You can support your local Humane Groups

Tips on working within the Humane Community

"Never doubt that a small group of dedicated citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."    Margaret Mead 

Adopting a New Pet?
Do you have room in your life for another pet? If so, you should consider adopting an animal from a humane organization or shelter, rather than from a breeder.

Where to Find a New Pet?
Animals from Animal Control Shelters aren't all kept until they are adopted, but are subject to being 'bumped' if space is needed. They can not close their doors when full.  You are doing a great deed in rescuing a pet by adopting from an Animal Control Shelter.

Shelters for Animal Control Agencies within Los Angeles County includes hours of operations for the 19 shelters.

Adopting from a Non-Profit Humane Organization opens space for another animal to be 'rescued.'

Los Angeles Humane Organizations offer a wide variety of locations for adopting a cat. This list has phone numbers, locations of adoptions and hours. Also available is Outside LA County Humane Organizations.

Cat & Dog Pictures on the 'net - View cats & dogs at our Animal Control Shelters & some of our Humane Organizations.

Trapping Feral Cats & Caring For Young Orphaned Kittens:
Many cats have been abandoned by their owners, and have not been altered. These cats have litters of kittens, who, if not handled by humans, become feral or wild cats. Kittens under 8-9 weeks of age can be tamed and placed. Kittens under 5 weeks will need to be hand fed. The adults need to be altered and returned, providing the location is safe for the cat. This is called TNR, or Trap-Neuter-Return.

Orphaned Kittens and how to care for them orphaned kittens are kittens taken from, or abandoned by, mom cats before they are weaned. Bottle feeding kittens can be rewarding. These kittens have a different bond to humans (they think we are their moms.)

Where in Los Angeles to rent a wild cat trap traps are available throughout Los Angeles to borrow. These groups will walk you through the process of trapping.

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."    Gandhi

Other Aspects of Rescue:
Early Spay & Neuter Information all shelters and humane groups in California now must alter their animals prior to adoption. The law went into effect on January 1, 2000. This is an attempt to reduce the population of animals. Cats and dogs can be safely altered as young as 8 weeks of age.

Cult Sacrifice Days These days were given to me in the early 90's by the Los Angeles Police Department as days cats are sacrificed. Indoor cats are not subjected to being stolen for sacrifice, so you may wish to keep your indoor/outdoor cats inside before and on these days.

Good Rescue:
This is important if you decide to pitch in. A 'seasoned' rescuer will teach you about rescue if you get involved with a group, but you should know some basics when you get started:

'Kitten Season' and what that means

Isolation & Diseases

What to do with an Injured Animal

Warnings of Bad Rescue Groups

Options When Placing a Cat

Finding the Owner of a Lost Cat


Good Ownership for Cats...just for starters:

Finding Your Lost Cat

Why is it Better for a Cat to be Kept Inside?

Minimum Vetting Care:

Common Feline Vaccinations

Deadly Diseases and Existing Tests

Spay and Neuter!

Dental Cleaning

"I hold that the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection by man from the cruelty of man."    Gandhi

Other Pages of Interest:

Cat Links - great list of other web sites, listed by category. Over 110 sites of interest including diseases, cat care, behavior, legislation, feral cat info, flea control, pet loss, how to build cat trees and cat humor.
Dog info - in case you are not into cats... some local groups with informative web sites.
The 12 Days of Christmas Rescue - for those who desire to do long-term rescue, for those who have been doing rescue for much too long, or for those who have been asking year after year for the group, A.R.A., [Animal Rescue Anonymous] to be formed... take a break and entertain yourself with this page.
Awards - Check out the awards my site has won. Thanks to all of you for your nice comments! I have split them into several pages so not to slow you down while they download.

Hard Copy Format:
Most of the information on this site is also available in a 12 page format good for distribution through
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